Sell Your Business With Confidence

Confidential closely held business sales.

Selling Your Business With The Platinum Group

Our team will faciliate the full transaction of your business from beginning to end. We will determine your business value, market to potential buyers without disclosing your identity, and handle all potential buyer inquiries.

Protecting Privacy

We understand confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We ensure customers, competitors and employees do not find out your considering the sale of your business.

Reaching Buyers

The majority of prospective buyers looking to find a business begin their search online. Our online listings will market your company to attract a wide-range of highly interested leads.

Achieve Max Value

Maintained equipment, customer listings or a unique recipe all add value to your business. We review all hidden variables that make your business appealing to a buyer to gain you maximum value.


The selling of a business is a complex transaction with an extensive amount of paperwork. We'll facilitate and coordinate all needed paperwork with your attorney, CPA and banker.

Why List With The Platinum Group?

Since 2003, the Platinum Group has helped more than 1,000 business owners sell their business successfully.

We'll Market Your Business While Maintaining Confidentiality

Don’t let selling your business bring you unnecessary stress, The Platinum Group will handle all the details involved with selling your business.

Valuable Guidance

Use us as an educational resource and use our expertise to make informed decisions.

Valued Representation

We have walked in similar shoes to your own with personal entrepreneurial pursuits, so we understand the many challenges faced when making life-changing decisions.

Adding Value

We are familiar with expectations of a typical buyer, we will work with you to ensure your business is as appealing as possible.

Sell Faster

We have many connections and will approach a large amount of buyers, leading to a faster sale, and a higher sale price.